Citizen Security and Justice Programme to Receive $864.9 Million

The Citizen Security and Justice programme has received $864.9 million to fund its programmes for the 2007/08 financial year.
Implemented by the Ministries of National Security, and Justice, the project aims to prevent and reduce violence; strengthen crime management capabilities; and to improve the delivery of judicial services.
Achievements under the programme up to January 2007 include: the training of 40 staff members of the Victim Support Unit and 128 members of the Family Court; completion of 13 rapid impact projects and the reception areas of the Cross Roads and Kingston Central police stations; and the renovation of the Allman Town police station.
Meanwhile, anticipated targets for the fiscal year include: the completion of rapid impact projects in five communities; completion of the refurbishing of three police stations; completion of the implementation of the integrated management information system link to the courts, the Department of Correctional Services and the Jamaica Constabulary Force; provision of administrative support for 15 Community Action Communities; and completion of design work and commencement of construction/refurbishing work on the Transformation Centre.
The Project is being funded by the Inter American Development Bank and is scheduled for completion in September 2008.

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