Jamaicans Challenged to get more Involved with Young People

Newly appointed High Commissioner to Canada, Evadne Coye, has challenged Jamaicans living in that country to get more involved with young people in the Jamaican diaspora, in order to stem the youth-at-risk problem.
“We need to do something to ensure that the youth take advantage of all the opportunities that are here. So, I’m challenging all of us to take this on as a project and see how we can be a big brother or a big sister to a young person who needs our support,” said the High Commissioner.
She was speaking at a welcoming reception, held in her honour on March 29, at the Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA), in Toronto.
The High Commissioner, who assumed duties in Ottawa on February 1, told the gathering that she would welcome their ideas and proposals on how to get more young people engaged in programmes and activities to enhance their personal development and their contribution to both Jamaican and Canadian societies.
High Commissioner Coye said she is looking forward to her Canadian assignment, and thanked Jamaicans in Canada for the support they have given to Jamaica over the years.
“I was told that the Jamaican community in Canada is a progressive group of people. These are doers, not whiners, not beggars, and I have seen some of that since I have been here,” she said.
Introducing the High Commissioner, Jamaica’s Consul-General to Toronto, Anne-Marie Bonner reassured the audience that with the new High Commissioner, they need not worry about Jamaica’s interests. Miss Bonner described her as “unorthodox and a consummate professional career diplomat, who is stern, frank, works hard and a good people person”.
Bringing greetings on behalf of the Consular Corps, Winall Joshua, Dean and Consul General of St. Lucia, heaped praises on Jamaicans, noting that they are special people who take pride in their music, the arts, academia, but especially pride in standing up for what they believe in.
“Jamaicans never accept no for an answer and never accept that the doors will not be open. The Jamaican mentality is never to retreat but to always put your best foot forward. It gives me pride as a St. Lucian, to welcome Jamaica’s new High Commissioner to Canada,” he said.
Michelle Lyn, past President of the Caribbean Chinese Association, welcomed High Commissioner Coye on behalf of the Jamaican community, noting that she would get the commitment of the 200,000-strong Jamaican community in Toronto.
Others welcoming the High Commissioner were Jamaican-born Member of Provincial Parliament, MaryAnne Chambers, Minister of Children and Youth Services and Miss Barbara Thomas, vice-President of the Jamaican Canadian Association.

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