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President of the Bethel Bible College in Mandeville, Pastor Roy Notice, has said that the church will work with other groups, for the advancement of communities across the island.
“The nation’s development and advancement is our business; the church has a deep concern about what is happening in the nation,” he told a recent meeting of the Rotary Club of Mandeville, held at the Golf View Hotel.
“As a church community, I want to re-assure all that we are not just willing to have a critical voice and to give measured affirmation, we are also willing to be enthusiastic participants in any kind of agenda that seeks to build up this nation,” the President said.
He called on parents to be more involved in the running of the schools that their children attend, through bodies such as the National Parent Teachers’ Association of Jamaica (NPTAJ). “We fight for our children to go into schools that already have the equipment, have all the reputation. We are not saying ‘we will join the PTA, will lobby for a school’, so that the school can become a school of choice,” Pastor Notice told his audience.
“I believe that people who have influence, who have money and who have clout, must use their influence and resources to help build the nation and to preserve the next generation,” the Pastor urged.
He called on persons involved in the business community to assist in making the areas from which they operate, places of choice to live. “We can sit and be very comfortable now, about the life we are living. If we don’t teach youngsters and instill in them the right kind of values, then, as we retire, we are going to have to go elsewhere to enjoy our retirement,” Pastor Notice said.

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