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Children’s Advocate, Mary Clarke is reporting that all 67 children who were detained at the National Arena during the State of Emergency in sections of Kingston and St. Andrew, have been released and reunited with their families.
Mrs. Clarke said four of the minors who were deemed in need of care and protection, were turned over to places of safety.
The Children’s Advocate was speaking to journalists at a briefing, held at her office on Harbour Street, in downtown Kingston, on July 12.
The 67 children, all boys, whose ages range from 14 to 17 years, were among the close to 500 persons held at the centre that was set up to hold detainees from Tivoli Gardens and neighbouring communities in West Kingston, that were being searched by members of the security forces.
Deputy Children’s Advocate, Justice Henderson Downer, who also sits on the Emergency Powers Review Tribunal, informed that individuals who have been detained for an extended period of time have the right to lodge a complaint with the tribunal.
He said so far, no child or their guardian has come before the tribunal. “So, it means that they were released by the police shortly after they were detained,” he added.
The State of Emergency, which has been in effect in Kingston and St. Andrew since May 23, has been extended until July 22 by the Parliament. It was also expanded to include the parish of St. Catherine.

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