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Chukka Caribbean Adventures and Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum recently celebrated their new partnership, aimed at bolstering the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience (JSAERE), with a special reception at the Half Moon Hotel at Rose Hall, St. James.

During the event, dubbed an “Evening with Joy”, master blender, Joy Spence, for whom the JSAERE is named, took attendees through the history of Appleton from its inception in 1749 to its status as a reputable brand today, and which continues to be a major force in the worldwide spirit industry.

Ms. Spence, who is celebrating 40 years at Appleton, with 24 as master blender, said that Appleton rum, with its rich history and global appeal, continues to be an integral part of brand Jamaica.

The master blender said she is passionate about the Appleton brand and creating various mixes and blends that everyone can enjoy.

For his part, Chief Strategist/Senior Advisor in the Ministry of Tourism, Delano Seiveright, hailed Ms. Spence, as “a national treasure”.

He noted that the Appleton brand is easily one of the best in the international spirit industry, and is a “first-class brand, which remains an integral part of our tourism product”.

Mr. Seiveright also welcomed the partnership between Appleton Rum and Chukka Caribbean Adventures, which went into operation on December 1.

“I am confident that the JSAERE tour will remain a must-see and will be having a major impact on south-coast tourism,” he said.

The arrangement will see Chukka handling all sales, marketing, ticketing, and invoicing for the tour, and the full customer experience from point of departure to arrival.

Appleton will continue to maintain full control of the operations and maintenance of the JSAERE facility to include delivery of the tour experience, retail, and food and beverage.

It is expected that Chukka will use its relationship with the cruise lines and the destination management companies to bring visitors to the south coast.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Chukka Caribbean Adventures, Marc Melville, said his company is proud of the collaboration and looks forward to exciting adventures with the JSAERE.

“This is great for Jamaica’s tourism and we will be seeing many visitors, including locals, taking that trek to the south coast,” he added.

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