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    Newly installed President of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce,
    Mr. Keith Smith, has called on business colleagues to look globally in the marketing of resources in the parish.
    Making his inaugural address after he was installed as head of the Chamber, at the Golf View Hotel, in Mandeville, recently, Mr. Smith noted that a vast amount of skills and resources exist in the parish, and urged members of the Chamber to help in making them known to the outside world.
    “We need to get international with our relationship with Chambers of Commerce. We have tremendous assets here in Manchester, such as the climate, and the high level of education. The crime situation, while not at a satisfactory level, is probably one of the best in the island. We have a combination of things to make us a first class brand; we have the quality of persons in this area that can provide good support to business ventures, and it is our responsibility to make it work for us,” he told the meeting.
    He said members should not think that the current global shrink in economic output was a juncture to reduce their effort to drive their businesses, but rather for them to seek new ways of networking and being efficient.
    “Develop a good inter-relationship between members. And give support to our local entities in the parish of Manchester. Once they give you a level of competence, give them the support,” the new President told the audience.
    Mr. Smith commended former President of the Chamber, Mr. Winston Lawson, who served for three consecutive terms.
    “Winston’s leadership was a tremendous one, and it has positioned the Chamber of Commerce, making it well respected, and well recognised,” he said.

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