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The Zoe Life Social Service Centre in Tweedside, Clarendon, which houses a clinic, postal agency and other facilities to serve the community, was officially opened on Sunday (April 4).
The centre, which was funded by returned resident Dr. Hyacinth Hue, also has areas for children and the elderly to receive care and counselling.
A section of wall inside of the clinic has a display of plaques showcasing persons, who have made significant contribution to the development of Tweedside.
Member of Parliament for North West Manchester and State Minister for Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Michael Stern, described the complex as a monument connecting the present generation to those who have laid strong foundation in the community.

Member of Parliament for North West Clarendon, and State Minister for Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Michael Stern, examines plagues with the names of persons, who have contributed to the development of the Tweedside community in Clarendon, at the opening of the Zoe Life Social Service Centre in the community on Sunday (April 4). Dr. Hyacinth Hue, who built the centre, helps with the unveiling.

He commended Dr. Hue and other residents, who have returned to invest in the development of the area. “If we didn’t have these people, who return and invest in their community, many would not enjoy what we enjoy today. Dr. Hue not only set up this facility, she has invested in and has upgraded the Tweedside Primary School. We give thanks for those who remember their roots, and have come back home and built something for those who need it,” Minister Stern said.
Secretary of the Tweedside Citizen’s Association, Mrs. Corneta Campbell, also expressed gratitude to Dr. Hue.
“We are very proud of her for it. We had to travel a long distance to get to the nearest clinic. The post office was in an old building, now we have a new one in our community, and words cannot express our thanks to Dr. Hue for everything,” she stated.
The community benefactor, for her part, said she felt called by God to serve her community. “All that I have done is to assist the young people to attain their ambition and give care to those who need it most,” Dr. Hue said.