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Nearly 20 persons will see the dawn of 2011 tomorrow despite experiencing a horrific plunge some 24 metres (80 feet) down a ravine above the Wag Water River in Brandon Hill, rural St Andrew on December 30.
The narrow escape highlights the importance of careful driving on this mountainous island. On December 2008, 14 persons traveling on a market truck died tragically in a similar plunge in rural Portland. In the past six years (2005-2010), 12 persons died in road crashes on New Year’s Day holiday.
Acting Prime Minister, Ken Baugh paid a visit to the crash victims hours after they were admitted to the Annotto Bay Hospital YESTERDAY (Dec 30), where he heard their individual stories and assured them that they were receiving quality care. The hospital received all of the crash survivors and provided immediate emergency services. Dr Baugh, who is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, praised the ER staff for their professionalism and the general hygienic conditions at the hospital. To date, none of the victims have been transferred to other hospitals and some have already been discharged.
Chairman of the National Road Safety Council, Prime Minster Bruce Golding, has continually supported the adoption of a range of tools to promote road safety. Among them is continual improvement in road design, an increase in the number of speed surveillance and breath alcohol testing equipment with the traffic police and also the placement of appropriate road signage. The Council recently announced that regulations on the use of mobile telephones and other electronic devices while driving motor vehicles will be added to the Road Traffic Act in 2011.