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Some 28 employers from 14 healthcare establishments across Canada are taking part in a job recruitment fair organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, from which they will select persons for employment overseas.
A total of 197 nursing students are taking part in the job fair, which got underway today (Sept. 28) at the Ministry’s Overseas Employment Centre in Kingston and continues until October 2. Forty-seven of the participants are Residents Care Attendants (RCAs) from Brown’s Town Community College, and the remainder are Licenced Practical Nurses (LPN) from the institution’s Pre-University School.
The five-day event is in partnership with Canadian company, Marmicmon Integrated Marketing Communications, and came out of recent meetings between Labour Minister Pearnel Charles and various employers of health service entities across the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Foundland and Labrador, Alberta, and Manitoba.
Minister Charles said it was significant to note that this was the first batch of Jamaicans from the health care field, who will be participating in the Ministry’s Overseas Employment Programme.

Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Pearnel Charles (left), addresses Canadian employers and recruits in the nursing field, at the opening ceremony for the Ministry’s 2009 job fair, which was held at its North Street offices, in Kingston, today (September 28). Recruitment activities are being held in Kingston by 28 human resource practitioners from 14 health service establishments across Canada, from September 28 to October 2.

“We have had thousands of Jamaicans going to Canada and the United States (for) short-term jobs (such as) farmers and agricultural workers.we have not touched the Jamaican nursing service,” he pointed out.
According to the Labour Minister, “this programme is more than just to let you go and look a work. It’s transferring professionals to serve and our standards must be kept high. This is something that I’d like to invite other countries to do, not just wait until our doctors have been trained, you just come and interview them, and leave with them. Canada is showing a different angle.”
Pointing out that economies of the world are facing harsh times, Mr. Charles said part of the solution is to find creative ways to deal with these challenges, and thanked the Canadian Government, and employers for assisting the country in this regard.

President of Powers Home Care in Canada, Ms. Judy Powers (left) and Business Manager, Mr. Joseph Mansfield (centre), greet Julie-Ann Barrett Morgan, one of the participants in the Ministry of Labour’s 2009 Job Fair, at the Ministry’s Overseas Employment Office, in Kingston, today (September 28). Recruitment activities are being held in Kingston by 28 human resource practitioners from 14 health service establishments across Canada, from September 28 to October 2.

“As a country, we are cognisant of the fact that now more than ever human resource development is the greatest call. The Ministry of Labour has shifted gear over the past years from just being a Ministry that settles disputes and takes care of pensioners…we have put in the forefront of this Ministry, training and human resource development. The Government is prepared to invest in this venture,” he stated.
During the recruitment exercise, the employers will conduct interviews and make offers for full-time employment in Canada. These offers are to be taken up by the students on completion of their training, once they have met all the requirements of the Ministry and the Canadian High Commission.
The Ministry has formed a partnership with Sprott Shaw College of British Columbia, Browns’ Town Community College, and Marmicmon Integrated Marketing, to train participants for the Canadian health sector.
Under the RCA programme, Sprott Shaw College provides the curriculum and the necessary support and guidance for the participants. Meanwhile, training will be provided for the LPNs by Norquest College, of Alberta. Upon completing the training programme, the participants will receive certificates.

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