JIS News

The Canadian Friends of St. Thomas Healthcare organization, which should have conducted a one-week eye clinic at the Princess Margaret Hospital in St. Thomas from July 25 to 29, has postponed its trip to January 2006.
Chairman and Public Relations Officer of the organization, Dan Williamson, told JIS News that the group was advised to do so by hospital officials in the wake of Hurricanes Dennis and Emily, which have caused the institution to operate “on very limited resources”.
“The hospital has recommended that we put off our trip to January 2006. We are not sure as yet of the exact date, but we’ll be making some decisions soon,” he said.
Although expressing regret that the team could not travel to Jamaica at this time and assist residents of St. Thomas with their eye problems, Mr. Williamson said his members understood the reason.
The charitable organization, which usually takes Canadian eye-care professionals to Jamaica on medical visits, has already made one trip to Jamaica so far this year.
In March, the organization assisted a vision care team from the University of Waterloo, headed by Dr. Murchison Callender, Professor Emeritus at the university’s School of Optometry. The team conducted several eye-care clinics in Kingston, St. Catherine and Portland.
The Canadian Friends of St. Thomas organization is made up of former residents of St. Thomas who are now living in Toronto, Canada, and was formed in 1984 to provide assistance to the health sector in Jamaica, particularly to the residents of St. Thomas.