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The youth arm of the Jamaican Diaspora Canada Foundation has announced plans to expand its assistance projects in the island, by undertaking a multi-million dollar community development initiative in Rocky Point, St. Thomas.
The disclosure came as the group of 150 young delegates met with the Jamaican press yesterday (June 13) at the Canadian High Commission, ahead of next week’s Third Biennial Jamaican Diaspora Conference.
While not wishing to reveal “too much too soon” about the initiative, President of the Foundation, Philip Mascoll said that “the project is huge, costing millions of dollars, and will alter the lives of the Rocky Point community”.
This new initiative follows on a number of projects already being undertaken by the Foundation, including one in the Rose Town community to support learning and health care through books and health supplies, and a mentorship programme in secondary and post-secondary education.
The 150 young persons age 18 – 30 years, represent the Future Leadership component of the Canadian delegation and “were drawn from Jamaican organizations and businesses, from every profession and from every province,” Mr. Mascoll informed.
The delegation is expected to network between members of the new generation of Jamaicans here and those in Canada, to create a platform for dialogue and cooperation in several project areas to benefit young Jamaicans and Jamaica.
The Foundation recently held its second Future Leadership Summit in Canada, to explore areas of cooperation and support for future leaders in Jamaica and Canada, and engage in frank and open discussion on challenges and possible solutions.
Since the first set of Jamaicans arrived in Canada in 1796, their numbers have increased to approximately 400,000, of which more than 50 per cent live in Toronto.
The Third Biennial Jamaican Diaspora Conference will be held on June 16 and 17 at the Jamaica Conference Centre downtown Kingston.

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