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Minister of Industry, Commerce, Science and Technology, Phillip Paulwell, has invited local based call centre operators to consider putting in place more sophisticated customer service programmes, to widen their appeal to prospective clients in North America.
Speaking today (April 21), at a seminar on productivity gains and call centre based customer service operations, hosted by Compumart at the Hilton Kingston Hotel, Minister Paulwell said investors were looking for “plug and play scenarios”, and as such, he urged the private sector to look at the matter of office space as the call centre industry was in a mode of expansion.
“It is going to expand,” he said, noting that “as smaller companies in North America begin to see the advantages of near sourcing their customer service operations, not to another part of the world but within their own space, Jamaica is going to be the prime destination and what we have to do is ensure that we have the people to provide the service”. The Minister pointed out that the Jamaican government was also exploring the possibility of using call centres as a means of communicating better with the citizenry.
“As a government, we have to look more at using technology to provide better quality service to be in easier reach of the people who we are here to serve,” he said.
Mr. Paulwell further noted that the government was looking at how to use call centres, “to get to our people and provide them with the information, so that this desire to block roads and get their voices heard can be dealt with, by providing persons with that opportunity”.
The Minister said he was confident in the viability of call centres as a means of addressing citizen concerns, noting that while there might still be blocking of roads, the centres would alleviate the prevalence of such instances, as persons would feel there was a genuine response to their claims.

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