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To raise the level of awareness among young people on major environmental issues and the importance of conservation and resource management, the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) recently held a special seminar for schools at the Ridgemount United Church in Mandeville.
In her address, CAC Chief Executive Officer, Dolsie Allen underscored the need for all consumers, including students to do their part for the long term sustainable preservation of the environment.
Mrs. Allen explained that in addition, the CAC was hoping that through the sharing of “important information”, participants would develop positive values and attitudes which would serve as a catalyst for the achievement of their lifetime goals and objectives.
In her presentation on the ‘safe use of electricity’, Corporate Communications Officer at the JPS, Ruthlyn Johnson outlined some useful energy saving tips.
“In regard to appliances, ensure that if you are ironing, set up a schedule to do so only once per week; try not to iron only one item when you have to use the iron. and switch off the television set when no one is watching,” she said.
Miss Johnson explained that one had to be very careful in terms of the usage of heat producing appliances.
“Always remember that these are very heavy users of energy, the more heat generated, the more energy used.the faster the motor runs, the more energy is consumed,” she said.
Other presenters included Communications Consultant in the Office of the Prime Minister, Granville Newell, who spoke on ‘Values and Attitudes: Responsible Youths’, and CAC Western Regional Director, Pash Fuller who spoke about ‘Preserving the environment through energy conservation’.