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  • Some residents to receive serviced lots in the Creighton Hall Housing Development in St. Thomas
  • Prof. the Hon. Gordon Shirley appointed to Kingston Container Terminal Enterprise Team

Cabinet has approved a special benefit Order, to facilitate the allocation of serviced lots in the Creighton Hall Housing Development in St. Thomas to specified beneficiaries.

Making the announcement on July 17 at the weekly Jamaica House press briefing, Information Minister, Senator the Hon. Sandrea Falconer, said five lots will go to the disabled; three to staff of the National Housing Trust (NHT); 21 to young adult contributors who qualify; and 10 to public sector workers, including those in established bargaining units.

Meanwhile, she informed that Cabinet has also approved a special benefit Order for the allocation of housing solutions at the Perth Housing Development, Phase 1, in Manchester. Forty housing solutions will be reserved for young professionals and 10 for public sector workers.

On another matter, Cabinet approved the appointment of Professor the Hon. Gordon Shirley as a member of the Enterprise Team for the privatization of the Kingston Container Terminal.

“This comes following his appointment as Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ), and pending him assuming the post as Chief Executive Officer. This will allow Professor Shirley to be integrated into the decision making and selection process for a concessionaire for the Kingston Container Terminal,” Senator Falconer outlined.

She also noted that former Bank of Jamaica Governor, Hon. Derrick Lattibeaudierre, now chairs the Enterprise Team, which was established last December, for the privatisation of the Kingston Container Terminal.

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