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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, has commended the Manchester business community for spearheading a crime fighting initiative in the parish.
“The ‘Closed to Crime’ initiative is a bold step in the right direction. It will enable you to take back the streets of Manchester from those who are denying you the right to walk freely. With this system you can conduct your business freely,” he said.
The Governor-General was speaking at a fund-raising dinner, organised by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, to raise money to settle the payment for CCTV cameras that have been placed in the town of Mandeville. The function was held at the Mandeville Hotel on August 29.
“As a community, we have to work together with all stakeholders, as the results that we are looking for are safer streets. We also have to look at interventions which bring us into contact with each other, because the instruments cannot take over from the personal relationships that exist between individuals,” the Governor-General argued.
He pointed out that while plans are put in place to prevent crimes, measures must be taken to point youngsters, who might be attracted to wrong doings, to other areas that enrich lives.
“In addition to placing the CCTV, we also need to find ways that can encourage our youngsters to participate in youth organisations, and to seek ways of getting them involved, so that by being involved in organisations, and activities in these groups, our young people will not be left idle,” he said.
The Governor-General said he was delighted with the many groups that are working to ensure that the streets are safe for everyone, and helping to chart ways for the young people. “I urge you to continue to nurture and mentor them. As you guide them to a better way of life, build on the spirit of community, brotherhood and partnership,” he implored.

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