JIS News

Caribbean Cement Company Limited (CCCL) and the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) on (Oct. 8) officially signed the Scheme of Supervision for certification of the CCCL plant.
The provision, gives BSJ the authority to monitor on a regular basis, the company’s output, and the CCCL is allowed to display the BSJ’s Plant Certification Mark, which certifies the ability of the company to consistently supply products that conform to applicable standards.
At the signing ceremony held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Gladstone Rose, Senior Director for Technical Services at the BSJ, explained that the Plant Certification Mark will ensure “that the process at the Caribbean Cement Company will turn out a consistent reliable product, which will meet the requirements of customers in Jamaica.”
“The Bureau of Standards is certainly satisfied that the Cement Company has earned its mark and we assure that the product coming out of the cement plant meets international standards,” Mr. Rose said.
The Plant Certification Mark is awarded based on a company’s processes and practices. It certifies the ability of a company or an organisation to consistently supply products that conform to applicable standards. This mark is not however, placed on the product.
Dr. Camella Rhone, Executive Director of the BSJ, congratulated CCCL on becoming one the Bureau’s quality assured plants.
“We hope that in the very near future, the Cement Company would take the final step and in fact start to certify all its products that come out of the plant,” Dr. Rhone said.
She noted that the aim of any certification process is to “assure the purchaser, the customer of consistency of quality and I think that this is what the Cement Company is now assuring you, that there will be consistency and we thank them for taking this step.”
Anthony Haynes, General Manager of CCCL, said the certification mark “certifies that our quality management systems are in place, that they are clear and documented and we are following them and therefore assuring a very good product.”
“I thank the Bureau very much and I assure everyone that this will make us stronger going forward and we intend to hold very closely to all that we have set out to do,” Mr. Haynes said.
The BSJ has the power to grant the use of Standard Marks (Certification Marks) to companies that demonstrate that their commodities, processes and practices conform to standards specifications. Once granted, the Certification Mark has a validity period of two years.