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Minister of State in the Ministry of Mining and Telecommunications, Laurence Broderick, has proposed that rehabilitated bauxite lands be used for establishing dormitory settlements, as well as for farming and forestry.
“We are now in the Ministry seriously looking on the development of new townships. We are going to (look at) what they need for hotel workers, because we have a bad habit of setting up industries and forget those who have to work in there,” Mr Broderick said.
“People go and spend the day working in the very fantastic fairytale environment and, at the end of the day, you leave and go home and what do you go home to? You go to a little hitch-up box,” he added.
The State Minister said that across the range of land, stretching across Moneague, St. Ann, there are arable lands to build dormitory communities tied into the mining and the agricultural needs.
He was speaking at the opening ceremony for the National Minerals Industry Trade Show and Exhibition held Friday (Feb. 20), at the Jamaica Conference Centre, downtown Kingston.
Mr. Broderick stated that the contribution of the minerals industry to economic transformation is globally recognised. Since 1985 the industry has annually contributed a minimum of 5.2% to Jamaica’s Gross Domestic Product.
“It is a net earner of foreign exchange, a major employer of some of the most skilled and qualified persons in Jamaica. It is also a major contributor to import substitution, and a substantial partner in the development of many rural and semi- rural communities,” he recalled.
National Minerals week is being celebrated by the Mines and Geology Division from February 15-21 and is being held under the theme, “Minerals and Development: Modernising the Minerals Industry, Meeting the Global Challenge.’
The Mines and Geology Division has statutory responsibility, under the Mining Act and the Quarries Control Act, to exercise general supervision over all prospecting, mining and quarrying operations throughout the island.
The Division also manages the investigation, characterization, documentation and release information on all aspects of the geology of Jamaica.

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