Broadcasting Commission Brings Soca and Gun Lyrics Under Control

The Broadcasting Commission, in a release yesterday(Friday), prohibited transmission of soca music content on the airwaves displaying, simulating or instructing about sexual activities or positions.
The Commission has also put a halt to the transmission of lyrics glorifying the gun and promoting killings and other acts of violence.
These were contained in two directives issued on Friday(Feb 20), following an earlier one on February 6 prohibiting the airing of ‘daggering’ and other explicit sexual content in the broadcast media.
The release said that the Commission is acting under Regulation 30(d) and in exercise of the powers granted under Regulation 31 of the Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulations, and now requires the immediate halt to the transmission of:
. any live presentation, audio recording or music video from the soca, hip hop or any other music genre, which promotes, contains references to, or is otherwise suggestive of, ‘daggering’ or which publicly displays, simulates or instructs about explicit sexual activities or positions;
. any content from live coverage or recorded shows, dances or events which displays children participating in activities that simulate sexual activities or positions, whether in street parades, stage shows or at any other event.
The Commission’s directive on gun lyrics also requires the immediate halt to the transmission of:
. any recording, live song or music video which promotes and/or glorifies the use of guns or other offensive weapons;
. any recording, live song or music video which promotes or glorifies any offence against the person such as murder, rape, and mob violence or other offences such as arson.
Both directives require that programme managers and station owners, or operators, take immediate steps to prevent the transmission of any material to which these directives apply, or which falls into the category of edited musical content using techniques of ‘bleeping’ or ‘beeping’.

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