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The Black River High School in St. Elizabeth, on (December 14), honoured ten retired staff members for long service to the institution, at a special ‘Evening of Love’ held at the Everglades Conference Centre, in Parottee, in the parish.
Gloating over the school’s success in academics, sport and the performing arts, former Vice Principal of the institution, Everith McFarlane, who served for over 36 years, told JIS News that from the mid 1970’s, “the school was very active in the festival of arts. We had the inter-house competitions, as we wanted the children to be exposed in the different areas”.
And, on receiving the honour, she said, it was thoughtful on the part of the current leadership to remember those who have served, and the fact that funds are not in abundance at the school, it made them even more grateful to be remembered in the fashion in which it was done. She informed that most of the teachers at Black River High School, have at least one first degree, and that has contributed to the school’s academic successes.
“Students, you have a group of teachers here who have gone to get further education and they are packed with knowledge, see what you can pull from them. Get the most of what they have in their heads,” Miss McFarlane stated.
President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA), and guest speaker at the function, Nadine Molloy, told the gathering that teachers across the island have over the years helped in maintaining standards, and for the honourees at Black River High, “we are grateful for the time that you served in the profession, you have left a legacy for us.” “We recognise that there is more that we can do, and will have to do, but we refuse to buy into the argument that we have done nothing,” she said.
Meanwhile, 38 year veteran in the education system, Lyford Smalling, who spoke on behalf of the honourees, remembered the school as a place where ‘family’ educated the nation’s children. “This institution has become a cornerstone within the town of Black River, and neighbouring communities, and the place where, for years, we spent time with our extended family and helped in shaping and molding lives,” he stated.
The honourees are: Admira Clarke, Lyford Smalling, Clive Holt, Grace Robinson, Ageita Lindo, Chloris Smith, Leila Wright, Doritt Young (ancillary), Everith McFarlane, and Norma Jackson (posthumously).

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