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The National Library of Jamaica Act 2010, which seeks to create the legislative framework for the establishment of a fully autonomous national library, was tabled in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (October 20).
While there is an existing national library, it is felt that the entity has been unable to function with full autonomy as it has operated under the auspices of the Institute of Jamaica and has been governed by the Institute of Jamaica Act.
The lack of official status and absence of adequate legislation, have imposed constraints and disadvantages on the operations of the entity, as the executive authority for its operations are vested in the Executive Director of the Institute of Jamaica.
The legislation, which was tabled by Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon. Olivia Grange, seeks to establish the National Library of Jamaica, the appointment of a national librarian and other officers, and a central system of co-ordination for information services.
It also provide for: collaboration with the Institute of Jamaica; the collection and preservation of materials, which are of cultural, scientific, technological, historical and national interest; the development, modernisation and maintenance of the National Library and information services; and the provision of a research library and information service.
Other provisions of the Bill include: an advisory service relating to the establishment and management of any library; operation of the International Standard Book Number agency; and promotion and use of the National Library’s facilities.

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