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At least 40 public sector officials will benefit from the ‘Introduction to International Best Practices in Public Procurement’ course, which was officially launched on (October 19) by the Management Institute for National Development (MIND).
Deputy Financial Secretary, Public Expenditure and Coordination Division in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Robert Martin, in his address at the launch held at MIND’s Old Hope Road headquarters in Kingston, lauded the introduction of the course.
He said that effective procurement is critical to ensuring transparency, as well as the efficient allocation of scarce public sector resources, while minimising potential opportunities for mismanagement.
“It is therefore essential for those directly involved in procurement, both in the public and private sectors, to understand government procurement guidelines and master the intricacies of procurement, as well as to garner a thorough understanding of international public procurement issues and practices shaping the world today and be influenced and guided by International Best Practices in Public Procurement,” he pointed out.
He said that the procurement knowledge, skill and effectiveness of the course participants will be greatly enhanced by this critical training intervention. “Your interest and investment in developing the knowledge, skills and competencies in procurement will be well rewarded by effective performance outcomes, in pursuit of effecting good governance,” Mr. Martin noted.
In the meantime, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MIND, Ruby Brown, said that the Institute is committed to providing programmes that will develop the public sector.
“MIND offers an exclusive focus on programmes, supporting services and outreach that are strategically developed to respond effectively to enhancing the professionalism and performance quality of public service professionals towards transforming the public sector into one which puts the public’s interest first, and in which valued and respected professionals deliver high quality services efficiently and effectively,” she emphasised.
The three-day training course, which commenced on Tuesday, is being facilitated by the International Procurement Institute (INPRI). Course participants will be awarded certificates of participation.
CEO of INPRI, Jorge Claro, who has some 35 years experience in government procurement will be the lead facilitator, with support from Certified Public Accountant and Internal Auditor, Fernando Fernandez, who has more than 32 years of experience in public accounting, governance, public procurement and public financial management.

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