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Prime Minister Bruce Golding says that there will be better monitoring of property taxes next year so that property owners can be more accountable. He was responding to a caller on his monthly radio programme, Jamaica House Live last night (January 27). The caller was concerned about how verges for private properties are maintained. “People must keep their places clean. If they don’t the parish council must be able to go in, clean it and send the bill,” said Prime Minister Golding. Mr. Golding used the opportunity to call on property owners to pay their taxes so that public services can be improved. He also said that government will be stepping up its efforts to get more compliance. “We are going to announce in March new measures to deal with property taxes.. We cannot continue to operate on the basis that half of the people are paying the taxes and the taxes that they are paying, are carrying the other half. We are talking about burden sharing now; everybody must bear a share of the burden.We have to start putting some order and discipline in how we manage public affairs,” Mr. Golding said.

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