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Prime Minister Bruce Golding has called on diplomats to carry the message that globalization has not achieved the promise of global prosperity. “There have been significant calls from significant quarters for a reform of the global economic system. The calls have been made by no less authoritative persons than President Sarkozy of France, UK’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick and there have been others. Despite these calls it does not appear that the conversation has really started and found its way to the agenda of economic concerns..When globalization was ushered in as a new theatre of economic opportunity, for countries that had been left behind for so long, we were led to believe that this would be the stepping stone for countries that were serious to begin to experience something that had eluded us for so long The fundamental unevenness of the world remains, 40% share 5% of income and the richest 20% enjoys 75% of income.” The Prime Minister was speaking at a Diplomatic Week forum at Jamaica House earlier this week. The week ends on January 29.

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