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Several persons in St. Elizabeth and Manchester have expressed appreciation for the work the Alpart Community Council has done to improve institutions in their communities.
As they gathered at the Alpart Sports Club in Nain, St. Elizabeth, on Friday (July 30), for the Council’s inaugural project ceremony, beneficiaries heaped praisess on the organization.
“These people are visionaries, and the police in St. Elizabeth want to record their appreciation for what the Council has been doing. It is phenomenal, and it is working well. The work of the Council has forced persons to be united and to be law abiding,’ said Inspector at the Nain Police Station, Joseph Caine.

Vice President for Development at the University of Technology (UTECH), Professor Rosalea Hamilton, delivering the keynote address at the Alpart Community Council, inaugural project ceremony, held on (July 30), at the Alpart Sports Club, in Nain, St. Elizabeth.

Principal of the Brinkley Primary School, Vivylyn Powell, said that Alpart has created a sense of community identity among residents, since the late 1960s, and the bond between the Council and the communities has grown and has been significantly strengthened.
“Parents and other community members are proud of the ventures that they have undertaken. The Council listens and facilitates regular communication with communities,” he stated
Principal of the New Forest Primary and Junior High School, Arnaldo Allen, told the gathering that during his interview to become the Principal of his institution, he had pledged to establish a guidance counselling centre and, with the help from the Council, they now have an equipped building for that purpose.
“Thanks to Alpart Community Council for coming on board. Come September morning, we will have the building as a guidance counselling centre,” he told his audience.
For Bethlehem All Age School, which had a garbage disposal problem, its Principal, James Folkes, said that the school had a dream to establish a suitable storage area for garbage, but had an enormous challenge in accessing the funds.
“No longer do we have to contend with stray dogs scattering garbage all over the compound. Garbage is now stored securely until the garbage truck comes to collect, and we are more than thankful to the Community Council for their contribution,” Mr. Folkes stated.
Guest speaker at the function and Vice President for Development at the University of Technology (UTECH), Professor Rosalea Hamilton, applauded the work of the group, and asked their permission to use their concept as part of an advanced course that she teaches at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU).
“I have been involved in community organizations for many years, and I must say the activities of the Alpart Community Council are an outstanding example of community empowerment.You have been able to employ over 130 local residents and have funded 19 community development projects, totaling $1.9 million – all in one year, this is outstanding,” she stated.
The event was to look at how the projects have been impacting the communities. Managing Director of Alpart, Timothy O’Driscoll was also in attendance.

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