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Voters are being reminded of their legal obligation to protect the secrecy of their ballot come Election Day, December 29, 2011.

Speaking with JIS News recently, Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ), Professor Errol Miller, stressed that the ballot is secret, as persons vote behind a screen, and no one is privy to their choice.

“You are given the ballot in a folded condition and you are to give it back in the same fashion. It cannot be exposed. If it is exposed it will be taken and you will be given another. If you do it a second time it will not be given a third and you will be guilty of a criminal offence,” he explained.

Persons are also being reminded that the use of cellular phones is prohibited during voting.

Professor Miller said while the devices are allowed in the polling centers, persons should ensure that phones are securely placed on their person and not openly displayed.

The total number of electors on the voters list as at November 30, 2011, is 1,648,036. Some 41,607 electors were added to the list, while 5,636 were deleted. The total number of electors on the previous voters list (May 31, 2011), was 1,612,065.


By Alecia Smith-Edwards, JIS Reporter

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