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Former world record holder Asafa Powell says he is confident he be will wearing a golden medallion after the finals of the 100 metres are run in Beijing on Saturday, August 16.
Powell looked extremely sharp in training on Thursday and admitted that he had missed opportunities to snare athletics’ most prestigious gong in the past. With a beaming smile and a tremendous boost of confidence, he declared that 2008 would be his year, as he has a date with destiny. “This time I am going do it. I am feeling very confident. My training is going very well and I have only one aim in mind. while I am not focusing on what happened in the past, I can’t erase it. It’s part of my history – but now I have a chance to write a new history. I am going out there to win the race.” Powell, who remains one of the leading fastest men of all times having the most sub 10 clockings over 100 metres among the current crop competing athletes said he was very excited about the games and was looking forward to the start of the track events. “Just being in Beijing is great. It’s such a wonderful feeling being at the Olympic Games even if you are not competing. This is special and it’s an experience to cherish.” Powell looked quick on the track at the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics as he went through a series of routines under the keen eyes of his personal coach, Stephen Francis.
Francis attended the Jamaican team training session on Thursday. He was able to take charge of the athletes who are members of his MVP track club, among them Brigitte Foster-Hylton, Michael Frater, Nesta Carter, Markino Buckley and Shelly-Ann Fraser. Other athletes at the 7 a.m. training session were hurdlers Maurice Wignall and Isa Phillips, triple-jumper Trecia Smith, Shereefa Lloyd and Dorian Scott.