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Apps Being Developed to Streamline Mining and Quarry Operations

By: , October 20, 2023
Apps Being Developed to Streamline Mining and Quarry Operations
Photo: Adrian Walker
Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Mining, Hon. Floyd Green, addresses the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States-European Union (OACPS-EU), and United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) conference held on Wednesday (Oct. 18), at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston.

The Full Story

The mining and quarry industry will benefit from two applications (apps) being developed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Mining, aimed at improving business operations and making it easier for members of the public to report grievances.

The first is the quarry cost of production (COP) app, which will better assist operators to calculate costs, price their products, and determine profit margins; and the grievance handling app, which will provide an efficient line of communication between the Ministry and citizens affected by mining activities.

The apps will be available at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Portfolio Minister, Hon. Floyd Green, who spoke to JIS News during a conference at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston on Wednesday (October 18), said he has “tasked the team at the Ministry to have the apps ready for next month.”

He said development of the apps is in keeping with the Government’s digitisation process.

“This is the direction… in making sure that we digitise a lot of what we do across Government in general, but especially in the mining sector,” the Minister pointed out.

Mr. Green said, importantly, they will streamline operations within the sector.

“Because Jamaica is so blessed that you can set up quarries anywhere, part of what we have to ensure is that people are following the procedures in establishing those quarries, and also ensuring that people are making good business decisions. The cost of production app is in relation to that,” he noted.

“It is about professionalising and ensuring that we have a much more business-oriented quarry sector,” the Minister added.

As it relates to the grievance handling app, Mr. Green explained that it is a redress mechanism, which will assist in creating a framework for citizens to communicate with the Government when there are challenges in relation to mining and quarry operations.

“We have heard those cries for a long time, in terms of how persons can [register complaints] about issues of dust nuisance, for instance, ” he noted.

Minister Green pointed out that the necessary interventions will be informed by a transparent and accountable complaint framework driven by data collected by the app.

“With the technology, these complaints can be lodged and tracked. Now, we can know the timeframe of response, and if these complaints have been [effectively addressed],” he added.

Minister Green said it is important for all the mining areas to have this app in place, whether persons are engaged in limestone or bauxite operations.

“We are going to use the technology to better address those complaints and better respond,” he emphasised.

Last Updated: October 20, 2023

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