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Areas in which Jamaica could benefit from cooperation with the United States (US) National Aviary were explored during a recent visit to the facility by Ambassador to Washington, Anthony Johnson.
Ambassador Johnson, in talks with Executive Director of the Pennsylvania-based facility, Patrick Mangus, indicated that the Jamaican Government was in the process of upgrading and restoring the country’s public gardens, including exhibits of various flora and fauna.
He pointed out that Hope Gardens, located in the capital city, was once regarded as among the finest in the Americas, but was now in need of restoration.

Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Anthony Johnson (centre), pets an African Penguin being held by the Assistant Director of Animal Programmes at the United States National Aviary, Erin Estell, during a recent tour of the facility located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Also admiring the penguin is Jamaica’s Honorary Consul to Pennsylvania, Dr. Alston Meade, who accompanied Ambassador Johnson on the tour.

Mr. Mangus informed the Ambassador that the facility would be more than happy to partner with the Jamaican authorities to assist in any project, including the exchange of species.
He said the US National Aviary had more than 600 birds of some 250 species, most of which were adaptable to the Jamaican climate.

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