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Alumina Partners of Jamaica (Alpart), in keeping with its commitment to the educational development of young people in the mining areas of St. Elizabeth, has presented scholarships valued at $620,000 to seven tertiary level students from the Essex Valley community.
The presentation was made under Alpart’s annual scholarship programme, which is valued in 2004 and through which the company intends to award $15,780,000 over a 10-year period.
The beneficiaries comprised three students pursuing studies at the University of the West Indies; one at the University of Technology; one at the Northern Caribbean University; one at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education and one at GC Foster College.
Director of Administration at Alpart, Robert McKay, speaking at the awards ceremony held at Alpart’s Sports Club, encouraged the awardees to make the best use of the opportunity being offered to them.Mr. McKay explained that the university scholarships had a value of $100,000 annually for three years, while the college scholarships were valued at $60,000 annually for two years.
He informed that to be selected for an award, applicants must be accepted at a recognised tertiary institution and should reside in the mining area.
In his remarks, General Manager at Alpart, Darrel Harriman, urged the recipients to try to learn as much as possible.
“As a company, we remain committed to our motto of being partners in the progress of Jamaica so please go out and make us proud,” he said.

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