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Residents of Providence Heights in Montego Bay are to benefit from additional sporting facilities being established by the St. James Police Community Relations Department, in collaboration with representatives from the New Life Christian Church and World Outreach Ministry in the United States.
The hard court, which was built earlier by the National Housing Trust (NHT), is being upgraded with netball, basketball and volleyball play areas at an estimated cost of $250,000.00. It is scheduled for completion before the end of this month.
Constable Peter Salkey, from the St. James Police Community Relations Department, told JIS News that the project formed an important part of the Area One Police’s objective of building a healthy relationship between the Police and residents.
“Through discussions with citizens in our community outreach initiatives, we recognized that the police and citizens must work together. We are therefore hoping that the relationship and confidence that people should have in the police and the police force will be built. This will enable more information to flow to the police in order for us to have a safer Jamaica,” he said.
Leader of the work team from the New Life Christian Outreach Programme, Shawn Bourman, said his participation in this and other related projects was in response to giving back one’s time to God for the good of others.
“I have been coming to Jamaica for over 12 years, working on various projects for children of the country and just donating my time . God asks us for 10 per cent tithe and he expects it from everything in our lives. So my talent is building and constructing things . and providing something worthwhile for the children and the community. I believe this is my Christian duty,” Mr. Bourman told JIS News.
Community Development Officer of the NHT, Dahlia Walters said she was very optimistic about the positive impact the upgrading would have on the growing community of Providence Heights and neighbouring Flankers.
“The facility will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the community in that it will build co-operation among the young people, as they will learn to work together and also it will act as a kind of buffer against illegal activities. the activities will also help to enhance some of the natural skills of the players in basketball and netball, thereby moving to national and international levels of participation in these sports,” Miss Walters told JIS News.

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