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The Alligator Pond Police Station, Manchester, received a facelift after it was damaged during a disturbance involving the police and persons attending a New Year’s Day event earlier this year.
After the incident, a number of ex-police officers responded and painted the station while, recently, Alpart and its Community Council, and the Alligator Pond community, replaced damaged windows and did additional painting, at a cost of over $200,000.
Leudinie Spence, whose nephew was killed in the disturbance, spearheaded a drive to raise the community’s contribution of $50,000 to repair the station. She said that they were trying to restore harmony with the police.

Chairman of the Alpart Community Council, Lenworth Blake (left), greets Officer in Charge of the Alligator Pond Police, Inspector Clyde Ramsay (second left), as a team from Alpart enter the station to view facelift workanization. Alpart donated 50,000 to the painting and replacing of windows damaged during a confrontation between police and persons attending a New Year’s Day event in the area. The Commmunity Council donated 100,000, while the citizens in the community raised 50,000 for the project. Looking on are: Constable Leslon Bennett (3rd left), Public Relations Officer with Alpart, Julian Keene (1st Right), and Woman Sergeant Marlene Green (2nd Right).

“We can’t condemn all of the police, and that is why I am doing what I can do to assist them with the station. Anything happens, we have to call on them and the past incident is behind us,” she stated.
For business operator in the community, Tashi Thompson, the station having a facelift is a good thing for the community and businesses in the area.
“Our area is not stricken with crime, and without the station that would not be the case,” she said.
During a tour of the station, with officials of Alpart, on (July 15), Chairman of the Alpart Community Council, Lenworth Blake, told JIS News that after the damage, the police experienced difficulties when it rained.
“It looks quite different from what it was some months ago. I commend the officer (Inspector Ramsay) for his determination to have it improved, and Alpart and the citizens of Alligator Pond, who came on board and assisted in the process,” Mr. Blake stated.
For his part, Public Relations Officer at Alpart, Julian Keene, said the company joined with the citizens of Aligator Pond in a collaborative effort, to take on the initiative to replace windows that were damaged.
“We value our operating communities, and so we continue with a number of community-based activities through the communities,” he said.
Officer in Charge of the Alligator Pond Police, Inspector Clyde Ramsay, told JIS News that they were grateful for the completion of the project, with the assistance of the Alpart Community Council, citizens of Alligator Pond and the Manchester Police Welfare Fund. He said that since the completion, the officers are much more comfortable when it rains.
“We hope to continue this partnership with Alpart and the citizens, so that we can build a much safer community.the more comfortable we are at the station, is the better we will be able to perform our duties and accommodate the citizens, who come in to make reports from time to time,” Inspector Ramsay said.

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