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The Health Ministry has indicated that all hospitals are offering services, after the curtailment of some health services last week due to heavy rains associated with Hurricane Wilma.
In the meantime, individuals who were dislocated because of flood rains are still receiving services from health ministry teams, including special casualty flights for emergency situations where hospitalization is needed.
Director of Emergency and Disaster Management in the Ministry, Dr. Marion Bullock Ducasse told JIS News that all but 10 of the island’s 324 health centres were functioning and receiving patients.
The Director informed that the maternity ward at the Spanish Town Hospital, which was affected by flooding, had returned to normal operations. She informed that the alternative route to the Chapelton community hospital in Clarendon remained open, and that periodic water supply difficulties were still being experienced by the University Hospital of the West Indies, resulting in interruptions in emergency services.
Meanwhile, the Ministry’s public health department was currently conducting assessments, complemented by vector control and water quality testing activities in several areas, by health inspectors.

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