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Aeronautical Telecommunications Limited (AEROTEL) has implemented modern air traffic control technologies to improve equipment performance and achieve 99.9 per cent aeronautical systems availability.

This was disclosed by Minister of Transport and Mining, Hon. Robert Montague while opening the 2020/21 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on June 2.

Additionally, he said the entity has concluded implementation of the Network Operations and Control Centre (NOCC) to enable complete remote visibility of the aeronautical network infrastructure islandwide, with the ability to diagnose and respond to faults, sometimes even as they are developing and before they become service-affecting.

He noted that a new computerised Fault Management System has been put in place to improve efficiency, quality and analysis of response, and reporting in respect of aeronautical system faults.

Mr. Montague said these were undertaken despite the challenges faced by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

AEROTEL was formed in August 1978, primarily to provide technical support and maintenance for the communication, navigation and surveillance systems owned and operated by its parent company and main client, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA).

In addition to the aviation industry, AEROTEL leverages its expertise and network assets to provide services to the media and telecommunications industries, and owns and operates a leading commercial radio station – KOOL 97FM.

Mr. Montague told the House that KOOL 97FM has benefited from upgrading of production studio capability and capacity to improve audio quality, with new digital sound-mixing facilities and associated training, and a redesigned and restyled interior building environment.

“A digital multimedia and social media line of business was developed to complement KOOL 97FM’s traditional broadcasting model,” he noted, adding that the radio station has improved over the last 16 months and is now ranked in the top 10.

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