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Approximately 85 hectares of tree crops such as ackee, sour sop, breadfruit and june plum were planted in Hanover last year, under the Ministry of Agriculture’s Fruit Tree Crop Programme. Parish manager for the Rural Agricultural Development Authority’s (RADA) Hanover office, Bernard Goffe, told JIS News that although the farmers fell short of the target of 90 hectares, the “project is really moving in this parish.”

He said that 11 more farmers got involved with the programme in 2005. “The project is of such that farmers receive planting material after they have prepared their land, lined their properties, and dug the holes for the crops. We at RADA assist the farmers through our extension service in lining out and the technical aspects in caring for the plants,” he explained, adding that just recently, two farmers were supplied with 1500 ackee seedlings.

Mr. Goffe appealed for persons with large land holdings to be a part of the project, noting that there was great potential for profit making. Pointing to the success of the island programme, the RADA parish manager told JIS News that under the initiative, farmers have been able to provide ready and constant supplies of produce for the food processing and hospitality sectors.

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