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The Development of Sport and Recreational Facilities Project has received $600 million to continue to help preserve Jamaica’s cultural heritage.
The funds have been set aside in the Estimates of Expenditure, which is now before the House of Representatives.
The project also aims to: enhance the blossoming of the country’s creative talent; promote a cultural fraternity in the Caribbean Basin; stimulate and deepen cultural exchanges with countries in the basin and design training programmes and develop human resources through agreements with countries in the sub region.
Achievements up to March 2009 include the construction of a perimeter fence around Independence Park in order to secure the facility (defects liability period in effect); relocation of six old towers to Stadium East; refurbishing of the National Arena’s electrical and air conditioning system; completion of Stadium East seating and change room facilities; completion of the rehabilitation of the National Stadium and there has also been the construction of a car park, erection of lights and installation of drains.
Other achievements include the restoration of Eastern section of the court house at the Port Maria Civic Centre and completion of buildings and external works including car park and landscaping of the new civic centre, which is to be handed over.
Anticipated targets for 2009/2010 include completion of a football field at G.C. Foster College; complete construction of the east practice field at Independence Park and complete construction of the football field at the stadium east practice field.
The project, which is being implemented by the Urban Development Corporation, is being funded by the Government of Jamaica and the Venezuelan Investment Fund. It is scheduled for completion in February 2010.

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