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A $6 million road rehabilitation project is underway in Clarendon to repair the Savannah Cross Road in the Mineral Heights Division in May Pen. Mayor of May Pen, Councillor Milton Brown, told JIS News that the programme would bring back into operation, about 0.2 kilometre of roadway.
“The rehabilitation work on the Savannah Cross road started three years ago where we were able to complete just about two kilometres of repair. We are just now doing the rest of it.the citizens are happy we are repairing the road because over recent months, with the rains, the conditions had deteriorated to the point where the homes were not accessible. The citizens did some temporary repair work but we had committed to completing this project,” Mayor Brown said.
He pointed out that the work, which commenced on Monday (Sept.19), would be completed within the next six weeks and is being funded through the Government’s Equalization Fund.
Winston Kelly, Superintendent of Roads and Works at the Clarendon Parish Council, explained to JIS News that the project would involve base work, marling, asphalting, concrete work and putting in proper drainage.
Meanwhile, he said that a total of 0.8 kilometre of roadway was being repaired at a cost of about $2.7 million under the Routine Road Maintenance Programme.
The roads are the Top Cross in the Palmers Cross community, the Maxfield Road in Ritches, and the Brown’s Lane Road in Spaulding.
Mr. Kelly said the roads were being rehabilitated at a cost of about $900,000 each and the scope of work involved base repair and surfacing.
He informed that the Top Cross road was completed last Saturday (Sept.17), while the Brown’s Lane road was completed in the first week of September. Work on Maxfield Road would be finished today, he informed. The Routine Road Maintenance programme is being funded through motor vehicle licencing fees.

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