JIS News

Port Antonio and surrounding communities in Portland are to benefit from a water quality project to be implemented by the Portland Environment Protection Association (PEPA).
Called the ‘Pollution Reduction and Water Quality Programme for the Port Antonio Marine Park’, the project is expected to begin in November and will involve the coastal area between Snow Hill and Fairy Hill.
Machel Donnegan, Executive Director of PEPA, told JIS News that the project would be undertaken over a 12-month period and was designed to improve water quality in the coastal zone. He said a public awareness campaign was another component of the project, and was aimed at limiting the pollutants entering the Port Antonio Marine Park.The United States-based National Fish and Wild Life International Coast Reef Conservation Fund, is providing financing for the project.
Mr. Dunnegan explained that the water quality monitoring process would involve twice monthly inspection of sites in and around Port Antonio to assess fresh water safety and pollution. He informed that volunteers would be trained to take samples, which would then be sent to the National Environment and Planning Agency for analysis. Reports would be generated on a monthly basis.
In addition, information would be gathered from household and businesses regarding waste management and possible alternatives.
The information, Mr. Dunnegan said, would be used to make recommendations and effective interventions in the water quality improvement effort in the parish.He told JIS News, that PEPA was highly optimistic about the project and urged interested communities to contact the PEPA office at 6 Allan Avenue, Port Antonio.