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The government has awarded a $50 million contract to Building Innovations Limited to undertake improvement works at the May Pen Hospital in Clarendon.
Minister of Health and Environment, Ruddy Spencer and Chief Executive Officer of Building Innovations, Ferdinand Sappleton, on (Nov.14) signed the contract for the works at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston.
Minister Spencer said that the project, which will begin next week, will include structural works, as well as rectifying defects to the roofing of the administrative block and the male medical ward.
He warned the contractor to ensure that the project stays within budget and stated deadlines or “your name won’t be on any list to receive any contract from this Ministry.”
“I expect that the work will be done within the time. I expect that there won’t be any overrun. I expect the person in charge of the Ministry’s projects .to be like a hawk on this job. Insofar as the Ministry of Health is concerned, we’re going to ensure that projects undertaken by the Ministry comes in within budget and on time,” he emphasized.
In the meantime, Member of Parliament for Clarendon Central, Michael Henry said the project was “long overdue”, and pledged to continue to lobby for further improvements to the hospital.
Senior Medical Officer for the May Pen Hospital, Dr. Winston Dawes, stated that the repairs to the hospital “will go a long way towards alleviating the problems which the hospital has faced in the last few years.”

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