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The Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation for Service to Education will be held on Wednesday May 20 at Jamaica House. Forty educators from the rank of specialist teachers, principals, teacher educators and education administrators will be honoured.
The honourees were nominated by their peers, community members and elected representatives. The list includes persons who are in the service or who may already be retired in the public school system as well as independent schools.
Some of the recipients include:
Dr Marcia Stewart, Quality Assurance Operations at the Joint Board of Teacher Education. Dr Stewart’s contribution has been in the classroom at the tertiary level and in the administration of the education sector at the high and tertiary levels.
Dr Morris Halden, specialist in technical and vocational education in the Faculty of Education, UWI. He has been involved in research in this area, contributing to peer reviewed books and journals in his area of expertise.
Rhudal Mc Farlane :Principal of Cambridge Secondary School, and Justice of the Peace who has been building on the academic achievements of students while they learn practical skills in carpentry, electrical installation welding and plumbing. He is also member of the national Jamaica Senior Citizen’s Athletic Team winning three individual gold medals and contributing to a team bronze medal.
Frederick Lewis: Principal of Bog Walk High School and Justice of the Peace, who amplified the curriculum at his school, completed 35 new classrooms, bought a school bus and constructed a security fence.
Eulalee Smith :HIV/ AIDS health promotion specialist and retired principal of Bethel Primary and Junior High School, has been innovative in involving fathers in PTAs through school sponsored domino tournaments and field trips.
Lucinda Peart: A former Fulbright scholar and teacher educator, ending service as Principal of her Alma Mater, Bethlehem Moravian College.
Joan Tucker: Senior Lecturer and Chair of the Joint Board of Teacher Education, has been a leader in the establishment of music programmes in schools at all levels. She has co-authored a guide for teachers of classroom music with assistance from the Organisation of American States (OAS). She is the editor of the newsletter of the Association of Caribbean Music Educators and is currently researching music in education, including dancehall and the message it conveys to students.

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