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Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, with responsibility for Project Implementation and Service, Daryl Vaz, this afternoon (June 11) signed a $25 Million contract for Phase One of the upgrading of Reach Falls in Portland, The signing took place at Jamaica House.
Mr. Vaz applauded the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) for their efforts at spearheading the revival of Reach Falls, which he believes will become one of Jamaica’s most popular attractions.
Regarding the value of the Reach Falls property to the parish of Portland, Mr. Vaz who spoke both as a Member of Parliament representing Portland and as State Minister, was confident that the unique character and charm of this attraction would be in line with Portland’s brand as a ‘green destination’.
Mr. Vaz spoke briefly on the stunted development of Portland and the need for the parish and its constituents to acquire attention and developmental projects such as this. He sees the initiative of transforming Reach Falls into a world-class facility as critical to the development of Portland on a whole. The renovations of Reach Falls will create permanent employment and other opportunities, he said.
The Minister also noted that the peculiar location of Reach Falls will serve as a chosen destination for visitors from the North Coastal Areas as well as local visitors from the corporate area.
Signing on behalf of the UDC were the Chairman, Mr. Louis Williams, the Senior Deputy General Manager, Mrs. Vivian Edwards and Senior Director, Mr. Wentworth Charles. Other signatories include Minister Vaz and the Managing Director of Portland General Contractors Mr. Vincent Holgate.
The UDC which has already completed an interim upgrading of Reach Falls will use this $25M for the construction of a two storey administrative building, ticket and security office, craft hut, food and beverage hut, nurses station, souvenir shop and sanitary conveniences.

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