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Approximately 2,000 households in Tivoli Gardens have been visited so far, after three days into the social assessment being undertaken by the Government in several communities in West Kingston, that were affected by the recent operations by the Security Forces.
The other communities to be visited include Denham Town, Hannah Town and Fletchers Land. The social assessment began on June 1 by 100 Social Workers of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the Social Development Commission (SDC).
The house-to-house assessment is aimed at determining the level of dislocation to families and to gather information that will assist the Government in providing appropriate support to the residents.
Director of Social Security in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Mrs. Collette Roberts-Risden, told JIS News in an interview today (June 4), that social workers are currently in the communities continuing the exercise to determine the extent of individual damage to persons’ homes and personal property.
“We are trying to identify the families who have so far lost loved ones, so that the State can step in and provide some amount of assistance to these families,” she informed.
Mrs. Roberts-Risden said that what has been revealed from the visits so far, is that several persons are in need of counselling.
“We are trying now to work with the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP), the Ministry of Health, and the University of the West Indies to try and identify Counsellors for these persons,” the Director said.
In terms of damage to personal property, she noted that some persons’ homes have been left with bullet holes in walls and through windows, while some doors have been damaged. Additionally, a few houses have been destroyed.
“Right now we are gathering the information to know the full extent of the damage, and then the Government can decide what type of assistance, other than counselling, that will be provided,” she added.
Mrs. Roberts-Risden said a report will be submitted to Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding today, detailing the work done so far.
The assessment, which is a joint effort of the Ministries of Labour and Social Security and Youth, Sports and Culture, is expected to continue next week.

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