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The Ministry of National Security is reporting that the bodies of 35 persons, who lost their lives in the security operation in West Kingston, have so far been identified.
The process is continuing at the Tivoli Gardens Community Centre and the Denham Town Police Station.
Following this initial identification using photographs, the relatives will then be advised when to visit various locations for a second identification process, this time of the actual body.
Relatives are asked NOT to go to Maddens Funeral Home, or any other funeral home demanding to see the bodies for identification purposes.
In the meantime, the Ministry of National Security is still awaiting word from the Public Defender, Earl Witter, regarding the arrival of independent pathologists, who are to observe the post mortems that still remain.
The Public Defender has asked that no further post mortems be conducted until the independent pathologists are in place.
The government pathologist is ready to start the post mortems, which he says will take between 10 and 20 days to complete.
The Ministry of National Security is also assuring the public that other post mortems arising outside of the West Kingston conflict will be done as scheduled.

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