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The Government, through joint funding with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), will spend  $186 million during the 2019/20 fiscal year to improve the South St. Catherine – South Clarendon Irrigation system.

Details about the project are outlined in the 2019/20 Estimates of Expenditure,  now before the House of Representatives.

The objective of the project is to assist in the achievement of food security and the modernisation of the agricultural sector, through the construction of wells and the development of associated agricultural infrastructure in the arable areas.

One major target of the project is to improve the irrigation system, associated production and marketing facilities of selected sites.

During the 2019/20 fiscal year, the project also has targets of developing lands, constructing access roads, building a pumphouse, constructing wells and developing irrigation infrastructure.

The Estimates will be considered by the Standing Finance of the House of Representatives from March 4 to 5.

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