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The 100-man police is reporting success in maintaining law and order in the heavily populated municipality of Portmore.
In an interview with JIS News, Head of Operations at the 100-man Police Station, Superintendent Delford Nelson, said that robberies, theft of motor vehicles and other simple crimes “have been drastically reduced.”
He is attributing the success to the approach and strategies employed by his team, including increased emphasis on community-based policing, to win the confidence of residents. Indeed, he said, the strategy has resulted in a change in behaviour from an attitude of resistance to support.
“We’ve gone out to win the hearts and minds of many of the communities and we have won their trust in many areas.a good percentage of (the) communities (are now) on the side of the police and are supportive of (the) efforts to serve them,” Superintendent Nelson said.
To ensure continued success, the Superintendent informed that his team would be intensifying and expanding community-based policing initiatives, in addition to implementing new measures. These will include the creation and introduction of neighbourhood watch councils, police youth clubs, and citizens associations, to as many of the police districts as possible.
He said changes would also be made in the way policemen and women were deployed to monitor the streets, “in order to ensure some amount of longevity,” in their success.
The Superintendent also noted that the security members were both responsive and proactive. According to him, the police speedily responded to reports and “we act upon intelligence and do some amount of policing based on events that are likely to occur”.
Despite criminal activities in Portmore trending downwards, Superintendent Nelson emphasized that, “there are (still) pockets in the municipality that from time to time for one reason or another, has a flare up of activity, which poses a (challenge).”He added that the police’s efforts to resolve these disputes were sometimes crippled because of the “unique challenge of these areas”.
Among the peculiarities, he identified, was the layout of the various communities. “Portmore in particular is very unstructured in many instances because of the number of pathways and very small passages that are not conducive to vehicular traffic,” he explained, noting that, “this in most cases, serves as an easy escape route for criminals”.
The 100-man Police Station is responsible for maintaining law and order in the regions of Portmore, Central Village, Old Harbour and Old Harbour Bay.

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