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Minister of National Security, Colonel Trevor MacMillan has said that $1 billion is needed to bring the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) Twickenham Park training facility up to its required standard, and that every effort would be made over the next three years to meet that target.
During a tour of the facility on July 3, the Minister pointed out that the current classroom and dormitory facilities could not accommodate the number of trainees needed, to significantly address the shortage of manpower in the JCF.
He pointed out that currently, the JCF was about 4,000 short of its full complement and this was having an impact on its operational ability to tackle crime.
“We need about $1 billion to bring the training school up to the standard that is required and somehow that money will have to be found, so that the Police training system can produce the numbers and the quality of people to impact significantly on crime,” he said.
Some $400 million has been allocated in the 2008/09 budget for the Twickenham Park complex. New classroom, dormitory and administrative buildings are to be erected and limited repairs are to be done on unused buildings. Work is expected to commence as soon as approval is given by the Ministry of Finance.
He said for over 30 years, the police force has not received enough resources to allow the members to properly and fully execute their duties.
“Jamaicans must realise that for adequate peace and security, we will have to have a police force that is properly resourced, with proper training facilities that can train the replacements, and this situation out here is urgent,” Colonel MacMillan argued.
He pointed out that there are many other areas to be addressed in the country’s battle with crime, including social intervention and the Justice system, but the training facilities were also critical and needed attention.

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