JIS News

Zion Mount Basic School in Eastern Hanover has been rehabilitated at a cost of $2.8 million.The improved facility, which can accommodate 50 students, was handed over to the community on February 19, during a brief ceremony at the school.
Implemented by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), the project involved the construction of sanitary facilities, complete with all associated water and disposal systems; refurbishing of the existing school building to include a new roof, kitchen fixtures and a water tank, and the installation of a perimeter fence.
As is customary with JSIF projects, the community was required to contribute a minimum of 11 per cent of the cost in cash or kind.
The community members did site clearance, including demolition of the existing pit latrines; removed the roof and doors of the old building; provided security for construction materials and equipment; did landscaping; paid water connection fees; and provided temporary accommodation for the students during the construction period.
The Zion Mount Basic School project brings to 10 the number of education projects which the JSIF has completed in the parish of Hanover. Project Officer at JSIF, Gerry Murray, said that to date, approximately $36.8 million has been spent on education projects in the parish.
He indicated that additional school projects were scheduled to come on stream in the near future.
“We have a $5.9 million expansion project at Montpelier Basic School and a $4.8 million rehabilitation and equipping project at Chamber’s Pen Basic School, so children in other communities in Hanover will be benefiting from improved school facilities,” he said.
Mr. Murray urged the community members to maintain and support the school.