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The Police have said they will be taking a zero tolerance approach to issues of law and order during and after the passage of Tropical Depression Tomas.
“In times of natural disasters, we are aware that persons with criminal intent would want to prey on the vulnerable and persons who have suffered,” Assistant Superintendent of Police, Clifford Blake, told a press conference organised by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), at its offices in Kingston, today (November 3).
He said the police would be deploying additional personnel to safeguard evacuated communities, to provide security at the various shelters and to ensure that lives and property are secured. He urged Jamaicans to play their part by reporting suspicious activities to the police.
Assistant Superintendent Blake also advised neighbourhood watch groups to meet and activate their own security plans ahead of the impending storm. He also advised Jamaicans to ensure their own security by safely locking away their valuables and properly securing their buildings, especially places of business.
His other tips include storing enough fuel for motor vehicles in case of emergencies, charging cellular phone batteries and making note of the numbers for the nearest police station.
In addition, he implored persons who might have to evacuate their homes to inform the police of this, to ensure they are accounted for and that personnel are dispatched to secure their property.
Assistant Superintendent Blake said the police have already activated its command centre at Old Hope Road, Kingston, and that the police would be working with the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) during the period.

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