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Members of a youth theatre group from King James I Community College, County Durham in North East England, will leave for Jamaica on July 13 for a week-long visit to explore the similarities in the lives of young Jamaicans and to look at a range of cultural and social issues.
The Jamaican High Commission and the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) hosted the group from the Bishop Auckland Theatre Hooligans (BATH), at a briefing session recently. They were welcomed by High Commissioner, Burchell Whiteman who commended them for choosing to go to Jamaica and wished them well during their stay.
There were also presentations from the Jamaica Tourist Board as well as from the Generating Genius Project of Dr. Tony Sewell.
While in Jamaica, the group will be based in Montego Bay and will meet and interact with the Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club. They will also journey into Kingston for a day with the Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) group.
The 16-member group is made up of nine teenagers and seven adult supervisors. The teenagers include 16 year-old Shane who is of Jamaican heritage and as part of the project, he will be exploring his Jamaican roots and what his life would have been life if he had grown up on the island.
Each of the other young persons has a specific area to look at during their stay, that will feed into an overall story to produce a main documentary video. The BATH group hopes the video of their experiences will be part of an exhibition next year.

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