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A number of activities, aimed at encouraging young Jamaicans to display positive values, are being planned for this year by Students for Transformation (SFT), the youth arm of the National Transformation Programme.
Chairman of the SFT, Howard Chamberlain, said the youth group will be staging its ‘School Invasion,’ again this year to sensitise students to the core values of the SFT and how these could help to improve their lives.
“We are going to invade schools and put back SFT within the schools,” he said in an interview with JIS News.
‘School Invasion’ was one of several events organised by the youth organisation to observe SFT Week last October under the theme: ‘True transformation begins with you and me’. During the week, members visited several schools to interact with students and in some cases, teach them the game of chess, as a means of fostering behaviour modification, strategic thinking and transformation.
Chamberlain said the SFT was also planning to take transformational messages to schools before the annual Boys and Girls Athletic Championship this year so as to promote comaraderie among schools and curb anti social acts during the staging of the event. “We are partnering with a clothing line company where we will be going into schools all across Jamaica to spread transformational messages,” he informed.
He said that there are also plans by the SFT to have a cultural campaign in an effort to promote patriotism. “We want to spread patriotism. Too many of our young people have lost hope in our country and everyone just wants to get a visa or a chance to leave. We want to tell persons that staying in Jamaica will help to contribute to our nation’s growth and development,” he said.
SFT was formed in 2008 when various student leaders from corporate area high schools decided to came together to address a number of violent events leading up to champs.
Chamberlain, who is a first year law student at the University of the West Indies, was recently appointed chairman of the group.
He shared that he is passionate about leadership and nation-building and feels that more young people should contribute to the governance of the country.
“We are at university, we are studying the various disciplines, why not come up with solutions and come up with recommendations and pass it on to the government?. We need more university students and young people finding solutions to some of the social problems that we are having and share it,” he stated.
“I think Jamaica is a beautiful place and we need to contribute more to society,” he added.

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