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Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, Senator Warren Newby, has informed that a national youth entrepreneurship policy is before Cabinet for consideration.
The policy, he said, seeks to establish a framework for young people to get involved in businesses and be chief players in their own development.
“We believe that if we are able to engage our young people to start their own businesses, then we are empowering them to take charge of their livelihood. We recognise additionally, that entrepreneurial skills can be used to organise, create and manage ventures to (bring about) social change,” Senator Newby said.
He was addressed a meeting of the Rotary Club of East Kingston and Port Royal on (September 27) at Morgan’s Harbour Hotel.
As part of the focus on developing youth enterprise, Senator Newby said that the government has sought to capitalise the Jamaica Youth Business Trust, a non profit entrepreneurial organisation launched in 2000, and is affiliated with Youth Business Trust International.
“All the monies that were allocated to that particular project are now being transferred to that non- governmental organisation for them to manage the process and provide better capital for young businesses,” he informed.
Turning to other youth matters, the Parliamentary Secretary informed that the results of the National Youth Survey, which is being carried out by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) will be ready for 2011.
The study, which targets all youth and youth-serving entities, including young people in special circumstances, unattached youth, and those with disabilities, incorporates but is not limited to seven focal areas: economic; educational; physical; political and governance; protection and support; social/family; and spiritual.
“Additionally, we are going to be tabling a national youth report by April of next year,” Senator Newby said.

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